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Hi Friends

I have recently purchase legion 5 pro and my cinebench score is around 12300 which is 400 points lower then usual

Plus my Cpu power usage never go beyond 68W
As per hwinfo

But for other legion owner goes upto 78W constant

Screenshot taken while running cinebench 23

Is my system is having heating issue ?
Or the thermal paste is dried up?
Or results are fine no need to panic?

As some says for some cpu 78w power is required to reach 4.4ghz and for some cpu it take 64 to 68w to reach 4.4

And some says heating issue , few says my thermal paste dried up

So can anyone suggest what happen to my cpu?

Room temperature : 32 to 35 hot
Laptop is lifted up


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when under load it overheats, you can see the values in red, so the CPU throttles the frequency down to avoid crashing.
the default thermal paste is... crap to say the least.
I received a Lenovo P53 laptop for work which is relatively beefy, and it was throttling constantly because of the bad, brand new thermal paste.
repasted it with some Kryonaut and lost 20°, gained 400mhz in boost frequency. Thats on a brand new laptop.

So, the paste didn't dry up, it's just bad :)
The overheating under load will definitely cause throttling and lower benchmark scores. You may also find that using ThrottleStop helps with enhancing performance, but the thermal management needs to be addressed first, and using ThrottleStop will only make it worse instead of better (more performance means higher temperatures) if that isn't fixed first.