CPU Usage : task manager vs Hwinfo



i've noticed that the readings between task manager and Hwinfo (total cpu usage) are different.

in the task manager, I've never seen my cpu going lower thant 4 or 5% but in Hwinfo, in total cpu usage, it goes around 1%

Which reading is the proper one?

This is a known observation in Windows 10. I'm not sure why the Task Manager always reports a higher value, but:
- HWiNFO uses standard methods to determine the per-thread and total CPU utilization. The same method that works since Windows XP or so and has always been reliable.
- I have done several tests using fixed workloads and compared the values. HWiNFO always matched the expected workload (i.e. putting 100% load on 50% threads, it reported ~50% total load), but the Windows Task Manager has always been over-reporting.
So in my opinion HWiNFO shows the correct value.
Which is CPU usage is it CPU/Thread Usage? (please make it a little clear I'm not really sure what a lot of words mean)