Crosshair VII DRAM Volt. vs DRAM VRM Volt.


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Anyone else has that much of a difference in those readings?

This is with default "power" settings in bios, since I know default should be good on this board yet concerns me hmm.
PSU is SS Prime Titanium 750W with cables changed for "better" ones (xd).
This is the difference in measurement - "DRAM voltage" is measured by an additional sensor in SIO while the VRM voltage is measured straight by the VRM at its output.
Also different sensors have different accuracy and resolution, SIOs usually in the range of 8 (later) to 16 (older) mV. I believe that the VRM value should be more accurate.
Thanku you for reply Martin :). Looks like it and seems fine. I've also found other screens in google showing similar and my rant about "good voltages" was about CPU stuff where it matters, my bad.