CSM enabled/disabled detection?


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Question: Is there an ability to detect the CSM status, using HWINFO? It appears that both CSM & UEFI mode are independent bios firmware settings, where you could enable one and not the other. Using EVGA's "Precision X1" software gives a notice that "CSM must be disabled", in order for a video card firmware update to function. A Gigabyte H97-D3H motherboard's bios does not appear to include any CSM enabled/disabled setting.
Currently this is not possible to determine in HWiNFO, but I'm thinking about how this could be detected...
You may want to check with Intel and/or AMD, but it's possible that the "CSM enabled/disabled" bios setting may only be available in a range of certain newer Intel chipsets: series 100 thru 500, for example.. There was an indication some while ago that Intel was intending to completely discontinue "CSM enabled" bios settings in their chipset planning stages.
Alternatively: the CSM setting may be listed under some other technical term: "Legacy", depending on the vintage of the bios firmware.
Also: the EVGA Precision X1 software is apparently able to detect the CSM status, although it may only work with an EVGA branded RTX 3000 series video card.
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