Current Memory Frequency


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Could someone please explain if how I'm interpreting this is correct? I'm running DDR4-4608 memory, but the clock speed is reading 1333.3MHZ. If I'm reading this correctly, looking at the memory timings listed directly underneath, it looks like I'm not maximizing the speed of my memory because the timings and frequency are matching up exactly in the table at the bottom on the first line under what the readings should be when running XMP. Am I correct? I've tried enabling XMP on my MB, and sometimes it works fine and sometimes my PC locks up and reboots, usually while I'm in the middle of something important, so I've just kept XMP mode disabled. If I were able to run XMP successfully on this MB, would the frequency and the timings then match what's shown on the top line in the table towards the bottom?Memory Frequency.jpg
Yes, you're interpreting it correctly. Your current mode isn't making use of XMP and if you'd succeed enabling XMP it would show values similar to the first row in timings.
XMP mode stability, has to do with the proper selection (model number) of the DDR modules, and they must be a KIT tested by the factory.
It is forbidden using random memory modules as a pair.
XMP = overclocking , nothing else should be overclocked at such a system.