Custom layout messes up when running multiple gpus


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I am running system with 3 Nvidia gpus 3090, 2080, 3060 ti. If for some reason gpus are reset like installing driver, or a gpu overclocking error/ driver crashing the gpus are swapped in layout. What I see is that 3090 is swapped with 2080 or 3060 ti. Those gpus have different values which can be monitored e.g. 3090 has memory junction temperature. So, when 2080 or 3060 ti is swapped in layout after crash, there are blank spaces in layout and some values are thrown at the bottom. In my custom layout I have 3 columns. To reproduce this you would 2 or more gpus and can disable/enable a gpu in device manager.
I'm afraid I don't have a solution for this situation. The order of GPUs is determined by their location in system and if this suddenly changes and the custom layout is used, HWiNFO is unable to maintain the existing sensor links.
I guess the gpus are remembered by some id in layout position. That id change for gpus causes out of order layout. Ids(e.g. a numeric 1) could be paired with gpu name(e.g. 3060ti)while saving custom layout position. Then name could be reused while reopening hwinfo again. This should work?

Currently some values just plain disappear and other get out of order. Currently, hwinfo is a wonderful software, but I have to rearrange layout from scratch about every week or 2 due to this issue.
I know that this is not a solution, but the fixed layout should not be affected. I'm also working on an alternate (more compact) layout, but that probably won't be a solution for you either.