D3D Usage showing how much left % to 100% usage - not current usage


Hi. My HWInfo shows how much left to 100% D3D Usage.

If my card is running at 99% D3D Usage then it shows 1%.

How to fix this?

I have newest NVIDIA Drivers and 1070 GTX.
I haven't seen such issue yet so I'm wondering how is this possible.
What values is "GPU Core Load" and "D3D Usage" showing in idle and under load?
And what kind of workload are you running - gaming or computing?


I don't know how to check idle.

As you can see 100% GPU Core load but only 0.5% D3D Usage
Try to check the "GPU Core Load" and "D3D Usage" without running a game straight in HWiNFO. That will provide idle values.
That looks more like the game you're using is not based on Direct3D, rather than D3D usage reporting a reverse number. Do you know which interface that game uses?
Note that D3D Usage reflects only load via the Direct3D interface, so if you're running other type of workload (computing or graphics via a different interface), it won't be reflected here.
Hence GPU Core Load is the best indicator.