Debug File Interpretation?


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My Binoogle foo is probably weak, but I have so far found that there is no manual for HWiNFO. I also found zero documentation on the debug file structure or more importantly how to use it to find my own issues instead of having to rely on the free work of others. I could download the SDK and probably create my own interpreter/analytics program, but I am firmly in the "don't reinvent the wheel" camp - plus I am overwhelmed with my consulting work and life in general.

Can someone please provide me with a link or post some guidance? I have a repeatable GPU crash and a debug file for it and wish to find the event details in my log file. Thanks in advance!
The HWiNFO Debug File is not intended for end users, but for internal debugging of issues in HWiNFO reported by users.
Well, I didn't expect that. A mistakenly assumed that a program designed to investigate the bowels of all things PC would present the debug information for when some of those bowels barf. Sigh. Oh well, I'm off for another mechanism to troubleshoot the GPU crashes . . .