Dell EC Temp5 hitting 100 degree


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My laptop is a Dell N5110 i5 CPU / Nvidia 525M GPU
In HWiNFO I have a Temp5 listed under Dell EC and I quite often see it hit 100c+ while my laptop is under load.

While my CPU and GPU temps never report much over 75c under heavy load but when I see this Temp5 reading hitting 100c is sort of has me wanting to pull the laptop down and add better cooling to the afflicted chip that's hitting those temps.

Basically Temp5 always seems to be around 25c hotter then the reported CPU temp at any time.
I'm wondering if this is a VRM chip reporting those temps?
Any insight as to what Temp5 is asociated with.

The only reason I'm having a guess that it's a vrm reporting that temp.
I have a Desktop PC with Nvidia GTX295's and VRM's on the cards use to hit similar temps (105c) until I put the card on water and then I never saw the VRM hit more the 60c and the GPU's never hit 55c since.


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I'm sorry, but I don't know where this sensor is really placed. Generally the VR are among the hottest components, but it might be placed anywhere and only the notebook designer knows this for sure..


The Temp5 sensor seems to be near the GPU since a small GPU benchmark on my N5110 increased the value of this sensor significantly whereas a CPU benchmark had nearly no effect.
The VRAM is connected to the GPU heat sink so it's also heated by the GPU itself.
My Temp5 sensor hits only 77°C after a FurMark 720p benchmark.

Your CPU is really cool compared to mine. After starting Prime95 my cpu temp hits quickly about 95°C. How do you have stressed your CPU to reach only 75°C?