Dell XPS15 Can't control GPU fan speed


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I have Dell XPS 15 9530 laptop. Recently after fixing another problem, the GPU fan runs constantly (possibly at max speed) from the moment I power on.

I've made various efforts to slow it, but not sure why. My usage is light, web browsing etc, nothing too complex.

I discovered this program and it seems that it might help, but I wonder if it doesn't work with my computer.

I click on the fan control icon and have a window with Fan1 Fan2 and Fan3. Fan2 is greyed out.

I think I can control the CPU fan via Fan1.

In Fan3, I can now select Sensor 1: Graphics card GPU#1 NVIDIA GeForce GT750M, but there are no options at all under Temperature Source 1. A bit stuck on what to do now.

Really want to turn this fan off or slow it and this could be by last hope!

Does anyone have any advice, please? I actually took the fan out at one stage but all that does is makes the computer beep five times on power on, indicating a worn CMOS battery!


The absence of sensors under the NVIDIA device is most probably because the GPU is switched off by Optimus technology to preserve power when not utilized.
Or maybe I should run a graphics heavy program (I have video editing software) to get the GPU going, and try again?
Sometimes just opening the NVIDIA Control Panel (showing a rotating NVIDIA logo) is sufficient to wake it up.
But since the GPU doesn't provide temperature data most of the time, you might use a different temperature source for fan control. In many notebooks the CPU and GPU are connected to the same heatpipe so the temperatures are similar.
Thanks Martin, that's actually useful in that I activated the sensor, but I can't seem to get that fan off or even slower.

I mentioned that your program picked up Fan1, Fan2, and Fan3, and that Fan2 is greyed out. I wonder if the fan in question is Fan2. Do you have any idea?
The only way is to try (use Set Manual) and see if the fan acts as expected.