Difference between Memory Module Clock and Memory Clock


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Can someone explain the difference in the two values circled here?
"Memory Module Clock and Memory Clock"
Also, are these two values being different anything for concern?



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Memory Module Clock is the maximum JEDEC-standard clock speed supported by the module. The module can support higher speeds when XMP profiles are used, so your module supports 1333 MHz with XMP.
Memory Clock is the actual clock at which memory is running. So your modules are currently running above the maximum XMP spec.
I see, so I am using a XMP profile but the memory was rated to run at 3333.
So essentially am I pushing it with this memory?
eg: "Above spec"

Thank you for the info!
Also I didn't notice you could hover over the value for more info ^_^
You can see the detail specs of RAM with Thaiphoon Burner software and see the actual running detail settings with ZenTimings.

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