Different SN and OPN detected by HWinFO64 from info on Box


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Hi Martin, 
I just noticed HWinfo64 detected differently on Ryzen 5 2400G OPN and SN from sticker on box. Box were sealed on bottom and top and i got from official distro.
Any change HWinfo64 detected wrong? or are there any softwares that i can use to compare?
what the differences:
OPN on box shows **********BOX while HWinfo64 shows **********MFB
SN on box content 12 characters while HWinfo64 shows ********-********
Such OPN difference (BOX) cannot be unfortunately properly detected as this property is nowhere to be read from the CPU. It just denotes a different packaging.
As for the SN, the number HWiNFO reads is some internal serial number, which I'm not sure how to properly interpret and it indeed doesn't match the number on the box. It can be used as a unique processor number only.