DIMM Temp readings for Asus ROG Strix x570 e


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Hi everyone,
Just had a look at DIMM Temp readings for an Asus ROG Strix x570 e, with 2* 16 GB G.Skill Trident Z Neo (F4-3600C16D-32GTZNC 32GB) and wondering if I should be concerned about what I see.
Everything is running at stock except the XMP/DOCP profile for the ram is on.
With a very light load (a few web pages open) the temperatures are around 40C.
With a heavy load (GS:GO) the temps go up to around 59C.
The CPU (R9 5900x) is custom loop cooled but there are 6 case fans (1 exhaust rear, 1 exhaust top, 5 intake at front) - I had hoped the airflow over the ram was good but haven't tried to actually measure that. I guess it would be better with a big air cooler.
Temps for the CPU and rest of the system seem ok.
System is very stable (haven't had any crashes) and I'm quite happy with how it runs.
I'm on bios version 2802 (and very much hoping ASUS will soon release a non-beta version 3402, to wide applause and reports of stability :).
Anyone else had experience with this?
Any thoughts on the temperatures?
Probably you need more exhaust fans. You can turn one of the 5 intakes to exhaust. Top one preferably...
Alternatively, if you dont care much about looks you can place a fan on top of GPU backplate to blow directly to dimms. Unless you have some RTX 30 FE card.
59C is pretty high for dimms, if its true. Can you touch 1 stick heatsink when you see this temp? Not on top, but on both sides of any stick. Do you have sensor readings from both sticks?
You can forget about further increasing speed/voltage to DRAM also, if you had that in mind.
AFAIK in order to OC it should be below 50C if not below 45C.
...and what is the DRAM voltage now? What do you see on HWiNFO?
Hi Zac,
Thanks. For both sticks of ram, the top row in my system summary table (corresponding to the xmp values the memory running at) shows 1.35 v. (All the lower rows in that table show 1.2 v - are these pre-defined values for other possible memory configurations I haven't chosen?)
I have experimented a bit with the fans and I think I'll get the best thermals with the six front fans in the original push-pull configuration on the radiator, to add exhaust fans on the top I would have to buy more. (Putting the top pull fan on top, the memory gets warmer - that fans putting a good stream across the ram straight through to the back. Putting the middle pull fan up top, the chipset gets significantly hotter. I don't really want to try moving the bottom pull fan as it's cooling the pump.
The computer would look a bit weird with any of the push fans moved up top - I'd rather experiment adding a fan.
By OC do you mean using the xmp profile or a manual oc?
If I'm not able to get better temperatures I would be interested in trying under-volting. I'm not wanting to oc the memory beyond the xmp profile
kind regards
I meant this below for DRAM voltage, what do you see on HWiNFO sensors. The 1.2V configurations are for nonXMP operation (JEDEC 2133~2666MHz)
On system summary you see the rated voltage for XMP for yours (3600MHz). But below you can see the actual current DRAM voltage.


And yes by OC I meant DRAM beyond XMP profile (3600+MHz).
IMHO you should add fans to balance intake-exhaust capacity.
6 push / pull at front plus more aggressive fan settings has improved things quite a bit. Max memory temperatures under load now around 50/51. Hopefully with some extra exhaust fans it will improve further.
3(!) Extra exhaust fans up top did the trick - ram now consistently under 50c, other temps all good. I now just need an anchor to stop my pc lifting off the ground when it starts up :)
I now just need an anchor to stop my pc lifting off the ground when it starts up :)
Your fans on top are holding it down actually, pushing air out... Try to reverse them and see if you have your self a PC drone!:p
Indeed! Or, if only my pump would run upside down, I could flip the pc over and run it as a hovercraft ;)