Direct run of HWInfo64 into Sensor mode


Good day Mr Martin,
Im user of your excellent freeware. Thank you.
I like to ask you to consider a feature when i click on the Hwinfo program icon and it will launch straight into sensor mode, without making me do another click "run" from the splash screen in the current method.
I used the portable version. One less click, one less waiting per day is good day! :angel:
this can be achieved by setting the "Minimize Main Window on Startup" option, which will hide the initial dialog as well.
Thanks Mr Martin, now is convenient to startup! I like to ask also is there a feature to snap to right/left side for Windows 7 desktop?

Further help needed, as i am on a PC with Asus X79 and 3930K and Nuvoton sensor, there are a lot of readings with normal names like CPU package, PP0, IA cores power, Motherboard, Auxillary, Sys1,2,3. May i ask which part of a conventional motherboard are the readings taken from?

I guess
PP0 is VRM?
Motherboard is PCH chipset?
Auxillary is Sata ports?
I cannot guess which are the rest for?
Thanks for wonderful freeware, beats even Asus own programs
Sorry, but I don't understand what you mean with snap to right/left side for Windows 7 desktop. Could you please explain more precisely?

As for the sensors, the values under Intel CPU come straight from the CPU. Further details depend on particular mainboard implementation, could you please attach a screenshot of the sensors so I can see exactly the values you get?
Note that on most mainboards the vendors don't exactly specify where a particular sensor is located. So for example measuring the Mainboard temperature is based on a diode anywhere on the mainboard. It might be near the PCH, but usually it's somewhere on the minboard. I don't think that Aux value is measuring SATA ports, on many mainboards this sensor is not connected at all and thus can return invalid values.
Good sir,
Please find what i mean by Windows Snap. A nice feature of Windows 7 and making use of widescreen monitor of today.

Please also find my screenshot with values i got
I'll check how to make the snap..
As for the sensor values, the descriptions you currently see are the best ones I could determine. Further details are known to the mainboard manufacturer only and even they don't precisely specify where a particular sensor is located. The other values like "SYSTIN1" or VIN6 for example are sensor inputs supported by the NCT6776F health monitor, but not utilized in the particular mainboard design. They might be connected somewhere, or might just provide bogus values..
Thank you so much. I sure will spread among my friends HWInfo to be the best sensor program imho.
A last suggestion, perhaps you can consider a standalone sensor only file maybe called HWSens. By a download of one .exe, click and boom all the sensor information on show with windows snap (of course lols). Presently it consist of a folder with bunch of files and the startup may be intimidating to a newbie looking for just a verdict of their PC temps/volts/memory/clocks status.

This standalone portable HWSens can be potentially the default go-to program and no need more for Realtemp/Coretemp/Cpuz/Gpuz/Hwmonitor/Speedfan ect because HWInfo is the greatest so far in updates.

Thank you again for the hardwork!
Thanks :)
Most of the other files in the package are required for sensor-only mode. And I believe that checking a simple box is quite simple ;-) Although I understand the advantages of a pure sensor-only tool.
The idea of packing all the required files into a single executable file is still in my head, so maybe in the future ;-)
So I decided to reduce the amount of files in the package ;)
The next Beta package will consist of 2 files only - main EXE file, plus the default INI file.
Because the INI file keeps default settings and it's not required (if you don't want to keep them), you'll able to run HWiNFO32/64 using a single EXE file ;)