Display font size selection a MUST have


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RE: HWinfo64 (and 32 of course)

Display font size selection a MUST have

Clearly this is an exceptional program. Yet with today's higher-res screens and monitors, the displays, pages and information are in many cases WAY too tiny / small to read easily.

The software, and your end users, sorely need something like the option to have the current size / default font size, then something like a "medium or Larger" font size so we can far more easily read the screen.

Without this "selection of display font" size option, on high-res screens, the type and font is too small to easily "see what we are seeing", making using the software far harder than it should be.

Surely, this useful and almost dire need has been posted before ?

Joe Rotello
WindowGroup / Knoxville, TN
HWiNFO is a DPI-aware application. Controls are automatically scaled according to display scaling used.
The sensors screen allows also custom font selection.