Display PC sensor values on Android device connected via USB - Odospace Remote Panel


Hello. I was using AIDA until I found this HWiNFO masterpiece software with so many sensor and customization. My problem for changing software was that in AIDA I had 700-800 latency but in HWiNFO only 30-60. Sad part is that in HWiNFO I can`t use a android tablet to take sensor information from PC. I found some .apk for android but none of them gives you a high level of customization. What I found instead is a very good android program called Odospace Remote Panel (https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.odospace.remotepanel) that can communicate with pc trough WiFI or USB. AIDA has drivers for many lcd, devices etc. and made a driver for Odospace too. Can someone skilled or HWiNFO devs can make it work? Here is the windows application: http://apps.odospace.com/RemotePanelSetup.exe