Displaying min/max/avg/current FPS

Hi all, first post here, please forgive me if I'm doing it wrong.

I watched a youtube video today, you can see it here: https://youtu.be/JU2qV58zRZU?t=145

You can see that he is showing in the OSD, the current, minimum, average and maximum FPS. Commenters have asked how he was able to do this but no reply. Can you help us find out? This would really help gamers to improve their systems' performance!
This information doesn't certainly come from HWiNFO. It might be RTSS, so I suggest to check there or on their forums.
For the reference of others: I was able to find the answer here. TL;DR use MSI Afterburner Benchmarking, and have RTSS "show own statistics' option turned on.
Here is a link to the answer from the RTSS dev: https://forums.guru3d.com/threads/displaying-current-min-avg-max-fps-in-osd.417173/#post-5478024

It would be cool if HWInfo had a similar option. At present we have the "Show value type" drop-down box which allows us to select any one of current, min, max, avg. I'd LOVE to see an "ALL" option here, or a way to select between them (perhaps checkboxes?)
Ooh, a secret squirrel beta. Just when I thought I checked everywhere for new betas of AB, there's a place I didn't check haha. I will invest some time in this and let you know. Thanks so much for your advice!
It would seem that AB is only collecting the current values from HWInfo, via the new plugin architecture.

Extracted from AB's HWInfo.log:

Inst 0
Type 8
Name Frames per Second
Value 38.400002
Units FPS

I do wonder if it might be possible to expand this to include the other readings in the HWInfo GUI (are the min/avg/max readings available via Shared Memory?), but I should leave that to the plugin developers.

Please let me know if I can assist in any way. I'm proficient in various programming languages and have ample time to contribute should it be of any use to you.