Do Hwin32 scan the router/modem? What is showing as current download and upload speed


Hi, Glad that i visit your page. I would like to know a few things. How the download speed and upload speed is given by your hwin32.
                   Did hwin32 scan the router for the actual download speed that one gets. 
I think that upload speed and download speed is gathered from the network adapter  . is my presumption correct? Or is it given from the router itself. i could not verify those with the actual router items present in all the tabs in the router.
                    There is an entry in the processor 2 tmp, thermal settings shown in red colour, what that denotes. pl
Yes, that information is retrieved from the network adapter.
Please attach a screenshot of that temperature, then I can tell you more.
Hi, So, i presume that it does not do any scan on the download speed attainable from the router. What is meant by current download speed and upload speed status denotes. If there is no activity, it will show nil and if any activity, it will show those. Am I correct? 
                But i want the present download speed and upload speed from my ISP constant monitoring. Is that available ?
                 Regarding the tmp, i enclose the screenshot . It is not tmp, it is tm shown in red in the picture pl


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No, it doesn't determine the ISP speed. Such feature is not available.

TM2 means Thermal Monitor 2 and red means it's not enabled in your system.
Should i enable this to get higher performance.
                  What about the temperature statistics. My cpu temp is shown a little bit high with  red and yellow flame icons. I applied the thermal paste and still it shows the temperature as high. I also provided an extra fan to cool the system.
                   I am glad that it shows intricate inner details of each of hardware part.
TM2 will not improve your performance, it's a method of protection against overheating.
Martin said:
TM2 will not improve your performance, it's a method of protection against overheating.

Hi, Thanks. Do you mean to say, that it is a auto mechanism to shutdown the computer if the processor gets overheated  and that it is activiated, if the first tm1 is not enough to trigger the stop of processor . please, i want to know more of this, as i got the overheat warning _your cpu was previously shutdown due to thermal event overheating. service it right ....
                    Why this tool is not touching the router, the main gateway of all the activities, like present download speed and upstream speed?
Yes, Thermal Monitor is an automatic feature which when the CPU reaches a critical temperature starts actions to reduce it:
- TM1 starts throttling the clocks (inserting duty cycles)
- TM2 is more advanced and reduces CPU clock and then reduces the voltage
until the CPU cools down.
If neither of those help to reduce the temperature, the CPU is shut down automatically regardless of TM1/TM2.
Hi, Thanks for the reply. But ultimately what is the final solution . Should i change the cpu cum motherboard to fix this problem. Is it always better to watch constantly the cpu temperature level? The problem is only when you are getting the alerts, you think of solution.
Does this software have a kind of widget, that is workable on my old intel desktop board?