Does HWiNFO reset anything when activated?


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The long story short is that I've been encountering PC issues that previously were only solvable by rebooting. But when I started using HWiNFO to diagnose the issue, I saw that this stuttering issue goes away as soon as I start it up.

Does HWiNFO do anything to the CPU or GPU while it boots up? Flush any caches?

I'm talking about when this screen comes up.

I'm hoping to isolate my problem once and for all with your help.

I've been suffering with this issue for the last 2 months. I don't expect anyone here to help resolve these issues... I simply want to know what diagnostics or whatever HWiNFO resets when it's first started up.

Again, I don't expect tech help. But if you need to read about my PC issues to be able to offer better advice, I detail everything I've done here:
HWiNFO doesn't reset anything in the system, this must be just some side-effect of one of the thousands of operations HWiNFO performs when it accesses the hardware.
I'm sorry, but it would be very difficult to exactly determine which of those operations is triggering this.
Funny, I have exactly the same problem. It started a couple of days ago and I installed HWiNFO in the process of checking, if the problem might be related to temperature issues or a faulty M.2 drive. But once I start HWInfo after booting the PC the problem is fixed. It is interesting that we use the same Motherboard.
Eristiker: Thank you for your response!!! When you mentioned we shared the same motherboard, I realized the only thing it could be was the chipset. I forced the update and my PC stuttering problem is fixed!

Any update I tried previously stated that my chipset was up-to-date... so I took these steps to force the update:
  1. I downloaded & ran CPU-Z to see my current chipset version.
  2. I looked at the chipset version for our motherboard here (we're AMD with AM4 socket, X570). I saw a large mismatch.
  3. I downloaded the chipset driver executable, GPU driver executable, etc. and then did a clean Windows 10 reinstallation.
  4. I installed my GPU driver first, then this chipset driver. The update finally went through!
Hopefully this will keep you from suffering as I have.

@Martin: Please forgive that this is outside the scope of HWiNFO -- I wanted to pass my solution along to Eristiker so they can have a normal PC again :)