Double-clicking hwinfo64 icon in system tray opens other applications


New Member
I think this would be considered as a bug, but when I double click hwinfo64 from system tray to open it, the icons will rearrange in system tray (as it should). But the problem is whatever icon takes place of where hwinfo64 was originally, it also gets opened.

For example, I'll double click hwinfo64 and that gets opened, but nvidia control panel will also get opened as its icon also appears in the same location after hwinfo64 is opened. A simple fix would be to keep hwinfo64's icon in the tray even after it is opened/maximised. That way the icons don't move when opening hwinfo64. Another option would be to change when hwinfo64 is opened. So instead of having it open on the second mouse1 press-in, have it open once we lift our finger from mouse1 on the second click.