DRAM rank/bank/bank group, espeically the number of bank group, how I can check that?


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Linus Tech Tips showed that some RX6800M laptops using 8GB 1Rx16 DRAM (physically 2GB x 4 chips) and cause slower gaming performance compared to 8GB 1Rx8 DRAM (physically 1GB x 8 chips)

and it looks like to depend on how DDR4 bank group is organised on each DRAM module https://www.jedec.org/sites/default/files/JS_Choi_DDR4_miniWorkshop.pdf (page 4 and 5)

Now I wonder if the same can be applied to my laptop/desktop and how I check that. As far as I know, most custom DRAM module vendors (G.SKILL, GeIL Memory, OLOy, etc) do not have such info on their products, unlike Samsung.
Check memory module details in the main HWiNFO window. Note that if you're running in Sensors-only mode, you'll need to deactivate this mode to get that windows shown.