DTS/Enhanced - Skylake-X


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Hi all,
I couldn't find a definitive answer about this.
On my i9-7960x I have to tabs for sensor reporting: 1 is DTS, which is clear to me, 1 is "enhanced", which I can't find how's computed. It's important for me because the package reporting is 5 degrees apart between the two, with the Enhanced being hotter.


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The difference here is the method how those values are being read out.
Intel claims that both should be providing the same values, but it seems on some systems there's an offset applied and they didn't clarify which one is correct.
My personal opinion is that the DTS value should be the real one, as this reflects the more-less reference values.


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Hi Martin,
it should be great to know which Package is the real one.
Because in case of the real one is the lowest value (DTS one), then, overclockers as me will have more room for overclock.
Package temp is a paramater we check, at the same level of core temps.

I can't believe INTEL is unable to say which one is the right Package temp value.

Everybody has 5°C more on "Enhanced" Package temp value compared to DTS value.