Duplicate sensors in HWiNFO Sensors Status window (normal vs. computer name prefix)

I am wondering why am I seeing duplicate sensors in HWiNFO Sensors Status window, where one sensor is "normal" and duplicate sensor is prefixed with computer name in brackets?

I am thinking about removing some of them (mainly because they seem to be redundant and then the logging takes ~2x more space), but maybe there is some significance to them...

Thank you for your time,

P.S. ... I searched the forum, but found nothing to this, so I decided to ask.
Unfold the sensor items beneath each of those sensors by clicking the arrow next to it and you'll see the difference in content.
OK, thank you, I will compare them (logging csv file shows ~800 columns from all sensors in total, but hopefully I will find the differences)... and what about my original question, please? Why there are "seemingly duplicate" sensors shown, where one sensor is "normal" and "seemingly duplicate" sensor is having computer name in brackets as prefix?
The names in brackets i.e. [MARTIN] mean sensors read from remote systems via the Remote Monitoring feature.
So I think you somehow enabled monitoring of the same system over network, so now HWiNFO displays your local system as local and remote as well :)
Check in the Remote Center of HWiNFO.
Hmmm, yes, I played with remote monitoring few weeks ago and forgot about that... OK, this sorted it out.

... and I found some differences (some grouping) e.g. in graphics card sensors, so I will have to look on them and decide which ones I want to use (local or "remote" ones, that basically go to localhost). I think I can select ones I want in Sensor Settings\Layout (there are options for Monitoring and Show).

Thank you for helping me!

Screenshot 2022-10-21 140317.jpg