EC / Fan control locking up system


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First, I wanna say I really appreciate this application and its the only way I can ramp up fan speeds for my laptop. Its the only way I can prevent throttling. I am running on an Alienware 15R1 that has compal EC. I use custom fan control settings. I have hwinfo set to auto launch fan control when I start it. But after some time, many of my applications lock up or are unresponsive. Sometimes it happens within one minute and other times it may take 10 or more minutes. Not all applications, but to name a few that do (throttlestop, steam, chrome, task manager). When I launch task manager, its very slow and unresponsive, but it does report 100% cpu usage, but it wont show which process is the culprit. Even if I terminate hwinfo after this happens, most applications are still unresponsive.

I am pretty sure it has to do with hwinfo and the EC access. I have to use EC access to have accurate fan controls. If I dont use EC access, I only get 3 fan settings which are too low, and theres an audio latency issue. But I dont get these system lockups if I dont use EC access.

I have tried setting sensor polling to be less frequent (EC polling to 10 cycles and monitoring polling to 5000ms), but that hasn't fixed the issue. I have disabled all monitoring except for cpu and gpu temps.

Attached is debug file. Really appreciate if you are able to determine what the issue might be. Is there any other settings I should try? Could it be another application that is conflicting?


  • HWiNFO64.DBG
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I disconnected the battery, but it still has the issue. I also tried disabling every setting except EC and GPU I2C nvapi, but it still happened again. On a side note, I've noticed it tends to not happen when I am running a game and fans are running high. Although it has occurred before during heavy cpu/gpu applications. It usually happens when idling when the whole system or many programs become unresponsive.