electric meter for hwinfo?


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hi all,

first of all thx a lot for your app.
I using it over years and alrady bought also a license.
Together with Aquasiute its amazing :)

So i want to have also the over all comsuption for my Watt.
I know that Corsair for example has this already build in in some of there PSU.

I'm using beQuiet and i want to ask you if there is an external electric meter supports hwinfo?

Thx a lot
I'm not aware of any such external (wall) power meter. It would require some connection to PC (e.g. USB) that would support exposing such information.
Only some PSU models are capable of this so far (Corsair, Thermaltake DPS, Enermax Digifanless, GIGABYTE AORUS 1500).