Enable / Disable monitoring of GPU, Network card, etc


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At some point, I disabled monitoring of the network card. Now, the ethernet controller DL and UP rates do not update (stay at zero). I decided I want to enable them, but I cannot find the option. I remember a table of items such as GPU, network etc that had checkboxes, but I cannot find them. How do I start monitoring the network card again?

Attached is the picture of the values being zero. Any help would be appreciated.

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That doesn't seem to be disabled, if it would be it would show a red cross. Hit the Del key over the sensor heading or value to see how an item with disabled monitoring appears.
Thank you for the quick reply! As being enabled, it isn't picking up any changes. The section I'm looking for was a table of high level monitoring. If I remember correctly, I unchecked network and now it appears no network values update. I don't think it is specific to the sensor, but the fact that it isn't even trying to get network data. Am I remembering incorrectly? (love the app btw. Awesome job!)
Ah, I figured it out. I hid the network card that I'm actually using. However, if you know of the screen I was referring to, I would be glad to understand how to get to that. Otherwise, the issue is resolved and I am now receiving data :). Thank you again for the quick reply!