every dowlnload link is some other thing


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i'd love to try your software, but googling it and clicking on the download links is never for your software, but other crap (reg cleaners and so on).

you were featured on the ghacks blog today. you might consider having a link that will actually...be your software.

i tried about 7 times, then gave up and joined just to make this comment.
Well, there are some ads, but the download links from Primary lead directly to binary files for either the installer or the portable version.
On the download page, just make sure to scroll down and choose from the table on the right side.
Also when selecting a link from the primary download, be sure to left-click (not right-click) on the links.
The other mirrors lead to foreign sites which also list a download link (but include some ads on their pages too).
Let me know if you have any issues.
The ads are there to keep the whole tool freeware.
i realize that, its just that i've never been completely unable to find the actual download before. seven tries is... just too many ads. there is plenty of freeware that's not so incredibly hard to download. piriform, for one, is able to make do with just a couple. most of what i had on my mac last year (when i had a mac, and boy do i miss it) was one or two clicks. and so on.

you might want to send a few non-coders and see what they say to you about the relative ease or lack thereof.

and i guess i should add that i decided not to return and try yet again. i was inclined to, as i surely appreciate quick and helpful replies. but after thinking about it a bit, i decided i'd rather just do without and not support what i see as just too much.

somewhat like why i've never bought a TV in my life: just too many ads. i even skip a few websites for that reason.

but thanks for being helpful. that was what i was trying to do here, with my first post: alert you to the fact that perhaps your software is being obscured by an overabundance of ads....
Thanks for the feedack. I haven't got such compliants yet..
On the other hand, there are other sysinfo tools which you can easily download, but are not free (limitations to functionalilty and usage, warnings, expiration, 'bonus plugins', etc). HWiNFO32 you can use freely without any limitation, the application doesn't have any ads or 3rd party toolbars, so I think this is still the much 'lesser bad'.
Development of such tool costs much time and resources (costs for development tools, hosting, certificates, test hardware, vendor relations, etc), so it needs to be covered somehow.