eVGA Z790 Dark Kingpin Sensors not showing


Hi people! I am seeking information to see if others are having the inability to see a bunch of important sensors not getting read/picked up in this app (yes im on the latest version) Sensors like all the 4pin fan headers (so i can check rpm's of all my d5 pumps), cpu vdd, cpu vdd2, vcore, etc... i cant get any of these to show since i moved to this eVGA Z790 Dark Kingpin. Is this a known issue cause motherboard is fairly new to market and will there be an update to have these sensors working? Please dont force me to use another program!!! Any update would be greatly appreciated!
HWiNFO should be showing those sensors, it has dedicated support for these mainboards. So I'm wondering why it doesn't..
Please attach the HWiNFO Debug File including sensor data so I can have a deeper look at the issue.
Thank you for extremely fast reply sir. Where do I go to provide you the "debug file"? and im on shift today (24hrs) so ill provide anything you want, tomorrow when i get off shift.
See here:
Some sensor values were not properly read for EVGA Z790 series. You'll get full support of your mainboard.
cant WAIT!!!!!! I will buy/donate to you.. You deserve it 1000%. Is there a "pro" version of your software i can PURCHASE to support you? ETA when next update will be... i hate using this evga software
downloading now, and i bought your pro version!!! THANK YOU!!!! Ill report back with my findings sir ASAP
quick question... I bought the pro version, but how do I know i have the key in right place and im actually using the "Full Version"?
HWiNFO64 should launch as "HWiNFO64 Pro", in the welcome dialog and in About you should also see your license name and type.