"Examining system information" and "detecting sensors"


On HWINFO startup on some of my computes, I see HWINFO first showing "examining system information", then "detecting sensors" when I launch sensors. When I shutdown HWINFO and restart, the same thing repeats. These messages take some time, especially during "detecting sensors".

However, on one of my machines, when I start HWINFO, there is no such message and sensor panel would launch right away. In other words, HWINFO does not seem to look for new sensors on this machine.

Why is this? Is there a benefit to detecting sensors on startup? Can BIOS upgrade or driver upgrades expose more information to HWINFO and therefore detecting sensors can find them on startup?

Sensors are always detected during startup and the time it takes to detect them varies significantly between systems and sensors present. The reason why you don't see this message might be because it runs very quick on some machines or you have the option to "Show Welcome Screen and Progress" deactivated.