Extremely high temps on X99-A Asus based PC


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First of all, fantastic app...have been using this for years and love it for monitoring temps. very light and amazing.

I just built a new desktop with an I7 5760K 6 core, Asus x99-A, G-skill 16GB and GTX 980. I cleared the clutter in sensors but was shocked to see some temps after a lite gaming session.

Here is a pic attached.

The CPU [#0} is reporting temps of 50, 36 and 29

while the nuvoton sensors are reporting 110 and so on. Please someone take a look and tell me if everything is ok? It was an expensive build. I don't want to fry it.

BTW..using a corsair H60 water cooling loop to cool the CPU..but fans for everything else. The pump is plugged into the CPU fan, and fan of the radiator plugged into a chasis fan.

Can someone please explain...which is actual CPU temp? Which is actual GPU temp? there seem to be two for everything.


I believe everything is OK. The problematic temperatures Temp3-5 are invalid and most probably come from not connected sensors. I suggest to ignore them.
The GPU displays 2 temperatures, but they are the same, just use different approaches to read the temperature. You can rely on either of them.
That's a relief. Thank you very much Martin. Much appreciated. :)

btw...what is that memory ambient at 50? and which CPU temp is important? the package or PP0? or each separate core temp?
I think the Memory Ambient is some kind of margin, not a real temperature either.
As for CPU temperature, either the Core Max or CPU Package are the most important values determining internal CPU temperature.
Thanks Martin. :) Fantastic job. Keep at it. Love the program.

I know this is not a bug/..but any ideas of a new interface for windows 10? Not to mention, some sort of overlay support for D3d apps like games. Would be nice to have a subtle bar on top with translucent stats/selected stats.
There is no plan for an overlay, for this you can use the MSI Afterburner (RTSS) to display values from HWiNFO in D3D games.