Failed Drive icon: yet the drive seems fine?


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On Summary mode only i notice one of drives, i believe is a HHD drive, unfortunately it is hard to tell drive letter assigned when viewing the drives which just have model or manuf. number. Hwinfo shows a red failed icon next to it. Yet windows does not seem to think anything is wrong with it in Device Manager and i am able to access the drive no problem.

So i am wondering why it has a red icon next to it in the summary, which means failed?
Open the main HWiNFO window and check under the respective Drive nodefor further details.
Sorry i am not super familiar with Hwinfo. What is the main window? you mean the summary window or sensor window? thanks.
Neither of them - the biggest one with a tree on left side. You need to deactivate both Sensors-only and Summary-only mode if you want to see it.