Failed to register RTSS hotkey after every start


Hi, do you know how to solve this issue? Every HWINFO start im getting error "Failed to register RTSS hotkey after every start" please see the screenshot, when I click OK HWINFO will start.
Reinstall does not help, Win 11 now, it was the same on Win 10. Thanks for any help.
Screenshot (27).png
Are you starting HWiNFO automatically with Windows? If yes, try to add a few seconds startup delay for it in Windows Task Scheduler.
Hi! It doesn't matter, this appears in both ways: automatic start with windows and same if this is off and i start it manually. And if i close the app, open it again, it appears again. Basically every time I open the app.
Then it might indicate the RTSS hotkey combination you defined is already reserved by some other application.
I did not touch anything regarding hotkeys, can you help me where to to change hotkey combination? i cant find it in the settings. thank you in advance!
Go into sensor settings (the wheel button at bottom of the sensors window), then OSD (RTSS) tab and disable the "Enable hotkey for toggling" option.
Hi, found it. I have this option disabled whole time and my hotkey input is empty. If I set some random hotkey, enable or disable it, I still getting error message at the start
So even if you disable the option you're getting the error message on next start?
Try to completely "Reset Preferences" in main settings of HWiNFO if that will help.
Nope, its reset to defaults, i have to configure tray again etc.. but error is still there :(.. Not sure if I said that already, but i even reinstalled it.. same problem, and i updated it X times, having it since beginning..
Run the "regedit" tool, navigate to: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\HWiNFO64\Sensors
Check if there's a "RtssToggleHotKey" entry under that key and what value it has. Then delete this item.