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Hi all,
I have an alienware 15R3 and i'm using a custom fan curve with hwinfo. I use core max temp to determinate the rpm for fan. Sometimes hwinfo read a false temp value and this is annoying because in these cases the fan speed up for a moment and then return to last rpm value. (look at the picture)
I did this test with the laptop in idle without any app open and only a few background apps. In red circles hwinfo registered a jump of over 10 degree for only one second, for this i think these are false temps read.
There is a way to avoid these situations?
Thanks in advance


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I believe that's a correct readout. Temperatures can jump up very quickly even in idle when there's a very short spike of load. Try to check the CPU load values if they match those spikes.
I took a new picture. Do you think is a normal read? despite there is a skew of 10-15 degree? 
If yes, how can i ingore these small readings? because using a custom fan curve, i listen the fan rpm grow up and down continually.


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That confirms there are small spikes in load. Yes, it's quite normal that the temperature can go up so quickly, but it also depends on the heatsink quality and heat dissipation.
I'm sorry, but fan control in HWiNFO doesn't currently offer an option to filter out such small spikes.
No, sorry, currently there's no such feature. The problem is also that if such a spike would be a beginning of a larger temperature rise, a slower fan ramp-up might not be sufficient to maintain enough cooling.
You might try to play around with the available temperature and fan speed levels if you can find a better combination.