False voltage reading

Hi there :)

I noticed something a little concerning last night in HWInfo. My 12V rail was being measured at 10.120V. At first I was very concerned, but upon further inspection, every other monitoring tool I used (and most importantly, the manufacturer's tool) reads the expected 12V. I guess this might be a HWInfo bug? It's not a huge problem but it would be great to sort it out if that's possible?

My motherboard is an EVGA X99 Micro 2, is there any other info I could provide to assist with this?

Thanks in advance :)
Yes, HWiNFO will probably need to be adjusted for this mainboard.
Please attach a screenshot of the EVGA E-LEET tool side-by-side with HWiNFO sensors's screen showing all the relevant sensors.
Also a HWiNFO Debug File of the system would be helpful.
Then I'll try to fix this.