Fan control idea


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Hey, my laptop vostro 3560.. got a nosie fan.. =D so i decided to use your Program for the Fan control . coud u maybe add a feature =)

when the fan controll put the fan to more speed, let him put them done when the laptop is much more colder then the expeted heat...

50° 2800 rpm
65*4500 rpm

and down when its 20% under 65° =)?

so my laptop stops change fan speed at 65° ^^ all time colder / warmer ... =D
I am just a visitor here; however, I do not believe that fan-controlling functionality belongs in HWInfo. Like AID64 (formerly "Everest") this is an Info application [like hwINFO...] . It is not designed to actually change anything, just to provide robust reports about what is on one's sysem.

As far as a solution to your problems. There are a couple freeware apps that come-to
  1. MSI Afterburner I use this to control my GPU fans. This is based on the old RivaTuner Amp, so it is quite compleicated...the only thing that matters here is the setup of temp<>fan-speed graph. (It is under the "settings"->"Fans" tab.) It can do all this on login, and as far as I can find, it leaves a small footprint.)
  2. SpeedFan - This app is similar to HWInfo actually. The main differences lie in some low-level bus info (and possible adkist,emts?) I am not sure, as I have not delved into it too much. But I have heard, for intance, that it is great at estimating Temp junctions...)

I hope no one minds that I posted two freeware products from other developers (?) I'm a software engineer myself, but I am in NO way involved with any of the three companies involved with this topic.

I think there is room (and need) for all of these applications. Aside from good ole' free economic product-drivers, each has a slightly different product vision, thus have different strong-points, weaknesses, and even functionality itself. (Said vision has me seeing active [not passive] fan control being more in the domain of these other apps.)

This is my first post here. I hope this helps and that I diod not upset anyone.