Fan Control looses settings


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I have everything setup properly. However when windows starts my fan control settings are lost. 
I am trying to do a manual fan control setting the fan to 4000 RPM. When I do this and press "set manual" the fans ramp up and go as expected.
However when I reboot then program opens, I see the fan control panel open for a second and then it auto minimizes. However the fan settings I chose prior to reboot are lost and the manual setting is set back at 0. What am I doing wrong?

I have OpenFanCtrlMin=1

Everything seems to work as far as auto start except for the actual fan setting. 

Please help!


HWiNFO Author
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Manual fan speed setting is not intended to be preserved, it was though to be used for testing purposes only.
You might achieve the desired speed by defining a custom auto fan speed for a single level that will always be true (i.e. 4000 RPM when temperature < 120 C). Such setting will also be preserved and applied always after reboot.