Fan Control - only able to use 2500 or 5100 RPM ("Invalid Fan Speed/RPM value specified")


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I'm trying to use HWiNFO to control the fans in my XPS 15 9570 laptop since the default fan curve tends to kick my fan speed up way too late, but when I try to select target RPMs at different temperatures I'm given an error window saying that I can only use values of 0, 2500, or 5100. Is this normal, or is it an issue with my hardware? For reference, HWiNFO is the only hardware monitoring software I've used that's even able to detect my fan sensors at all, so I wouldn't be surprised if this is an issue with my uncooperative machine and not the software. I was just really hopeful that I might finally be able to fix my lackluster fan performance :(

HWiNFO Invalid Fan Speed.jpg
Oop, thanks, of course I didn't find anything until you tell me to search again. Appreciate the quick response regardless, and sorry for the repeat question! For anybody that sees this thread first and doesn't want to search for another one, here's what Martin said in the past:

"The 3 levels you see is what the firmware allows other applications to set, but internally it can control the fan at a completely different level. And since the fan control method on DELL systems is strictly DELL-secret, we're not aware if there are other means of settings fan speeds." -

Basically, Dell sucks once again.