Fan control over 4500 RPM


According to the sensors, my fans can go up to 7000 RPM, but the maximum for hwinfo is 4500. I want to turn it up to 7000 RPM when the fan is running at 6000 RPM and lower because my laptop isn't very good at controlling fan speeds and usually becomes warm. Any help or software suggestions would be much appreciated thank you.
7000 RPM is not the maximum possible fan speed on a given system. It's just a sort of placeholder.
The levels you get shown (4500) is what software is capable of setting. Other levels might be possible, but those can be set only internally by the firmware automatic logic and I'm not aware of any method that would allow other software to set such levels.
Just a value to make sure that the current speed value fits into the slider in case the firmware would set a level above the known software max value. I'm not aware of a method that would allow software to determine the real maximum fan limit.