fan going faster then slower then repeats

My fans go faster then slower and repeats constantly every few seconds.
Graphics slow down when fan is going faster.
Is there any way I can flatten out the change of speed so the graphics stay consistent?
Sorry, but I don't think this is related to HWiNFO.
Check with the GPU manufacturer for tools that specify fan policy.
But HWInfo is a utility I installed to help me control the cooling of my upgraded GPU's.
It was recommended by the manufacturer Alienware and EuroCom the upgrade supplier.
Have I got the wrong forum all together?
Ah Alienware. Sorry, that was not clear from the description.
Anyway, I'm not sure what exactly your problem is. That seems like HWiNFO tries to override the fan speed, but the notebook's firmware is constantly taking over and setting a different speed. Is this how it looks like? What's you fan control setup in HWiNFO?
Using HWinfo system defaults.
The GPU's are 2 overclocked NVIDIA GeForce GTX 670MX with SLi enabled.
If I Exit HWInfo the swinging does not occur as frequent, like many minutes instead of seconds.
I started using HWinfo because I had a thermal shutdown during the extra hot summer we had this year.
The recommendation came from Alienware support as there is no 'fix' from the hardware side.
I wonder where the fan control is coming from.
Could it be the GPU driver or a more internal motherboard item.
I sort of expected HWinfo to shut off any other control whilst it is active.
Default fan control is realized deep inside the notebook's firmware (Embedded Controller).
HWiNFO can change the fan speed, but you have to use the Custom Auto mode and define your own fan control settings (temperature source - target fan speed).
But there are some notebooks where this won't work as every time HWiNFO sets the desired speed, the internal fan control tries to override it.
So if its in the firmware and assuming that is only updatable (if at all) from the BIOS I am not going to get a solution as the manufacturer has no maintenance available as the unit is too old.
I did have a go at using the Custom auto based on what solutions I had accumulated via searches but that caused more thermal shutdown so I went back to the default system auto option.
Thanks for your responses.
Looks like I need to start getting saving for another system.
If the notebook's fan control overrides speeds set by HWiNFO, then there's no solution I'm afraid.