Fan icon for M15R7 Alienware question


A fan control icon is not visible for my M15R7 and M15R6 alienware models. I take it that fan control is not available for these Alienware laptop models? Sorry for the newbie question :) This is my first time using the program.
Thank you for the quick reply. Are there any other options for fan control besides the AW control center to run the fans more slowly and quietly? Even the lowest setting produces an annoying whining sound.
Thank you and I'm sorry for being vague in my question. I wondered if there were any third party software programs that might offer help?
I'm not aware of any and quite doubt that anyone else except DELL knows this.
Thank you very much. AlienFX tools and Speed Fan software programs are mentioned as fan control software in some reviews. Is it possible that these programs would have support for M15R6 and M15R7 laptops?
I'm trying Speed Fan now. It's difficult to figure out but I will keep with it for a while. Thank you very much for your patience and replies to my questions :)