I have used this application successfully to troubleshoot issues with notebooks. However i have noticed that at certain times it does not capture the fan rpm. why would that be
i would like to know under what conditions would the application capture the fan rpm?
If the fan returns 0 RPM then it's not shown as it's not possible to determine if the fan is just momentary stopped or not present at all. You might enable the "Show all fans (including stopped or not present)" to workaround this.
What do you mean exactly, not capture it even if it's currently spinning? What system?
Yes i can hear the fan spinning, however the fan is not listed when i click on the sensors. This is a Dell Latitude 7420
Ah well, DELL uses proprietary fan control/monitoring solutions and they don't disclose information about this. If the fan doesn't appear under the DELL EC sensor then I'm afraid it's not possible for us to monitor it.
i looks like it is not detecting anything under the Dell EC sensor because it does not show the adapter rating either. never faced this issue so far on dell systems. can he OS or the BIOS settings make a difference?
Well, maybe the HVCI setting (Core isolation / Memory integrity) in Windows can block this.
aah ok....hmmm will discuss this with our engg team and see what they have to say
thanks Martin, appreciate your assistance