Fan speed for Asus Zenbook UX433FA


Looks a great product.
Question - where can I find the info on the Fan Speed of my Asus Zenbook UX433FA?
I have exported the report to HTML and searched its source, but cannot see any mention of "Fan".

This machine has BIOS Version: UX433FA.309 15-July-2019

I have another utility which is able to show Fan speed, so I presume the Fan RPM is available for some sensor.
SpeedFan v4.52 from

fyi - The Search on this Forum does not accept a search string like "Fan" or "Fan RPM"
Thanks for info. Regret I don't have any knowledge of the hardware at that level. I have looked at the SpeedFan website which has a database of motherboards etc.

That project is not open source, but the author clearly has a deep understanding of issues around the control of fan - and explains how this has been approached
Though I am not sure if the project is still being maintained - last updates of website in 2020 I think.
Kudos for taking on this kind of task - though I fear it might be somewhat akin to "boil the oceans" given the diversity of hardware around.

See attached files as per your post.
* Zip file consisting of three files
* The HWINFO report, saved as HTML
* RWEverything file saved from the EC option
* Once with fan stopped
* Once with fan at 855 RPM

Additional Info on fan speed according to "Speedfan" utility
* Speedfan screenshot showing that this utility has an oddity in how it reports the fan speed when fan is not running.
* When the fan is stationary it reports the fan at 4,294,967,296 RPM (which is 2^32).



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Thank you for the data. Unfortunately this model is somehow strange as both EC dumps you attached are empty (all fields are 0's), so I'm sorry but I don't know how to read the fan speed here :(
Kk. Possible i ran RWE wrongly?

This was first time I have used RWEverything.

With the RWE app i first installed the 64but version . Then I opened it, and clicked the EC button in the app toolbar. Was that sufficient?

Should I have run RWE as Admin?
(Speedfan runs as admin)
RWE should be definitely run as Admin, I though it's automatically asking for it.