Feature request: Configurable tray icon font weight


Hello. I have recently upgraded from version 5.44 to version 6.28. The tray icon fonts are better in the older version, in my opinion. I have tested a few versions (pictures attached) and here are my thoughts on each of them:

1. Version 5.44 has the fonts which look good and are the easiest to read.
2. Version 6.0 can be configured to be similar to 5.44 (although not the same) by enabling bold fonts. Non-bold ones also look fine.
3. Version 6.28 has the worst fonts. The zeroes are way too wide. Also, the bold fonts became even bolder for some reason, which does not look good.

Is it possible to make the font weight fully configurable instead of just bold/non bold, or at least reduce the font weight for the bold fonts? It would also be great to add an option to select fonts which are going to be used in the tray icons. Please see the attached pictures - they are named according to the version used.



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Have you tried to change other settings like Anti-aliasing?
I believe so. I have found three settings: bold, anti-aliasing and font size. Turning off anti-aliasing does nothing except decreasing smoothness of the fonts. Other than that, in the latest version bold fonts always look too bold, whereas non-bold fonts are hard to read. I am not sure what has changed, but versions 6.0 and previous ones had the ideal font weight, which is easy to read.
OK, I will add an option to choose font type for each tray icon in the next Beta build.
This might give you more luck with a different font like Arial...