[Feature request]: Context menu to copy selected rows from sensor output panel


There isn't a specific forum for suggestions/requests, but this is mine.

I often want to pull selected values Im seeing, into text or CSV format. I don't want to log all values to a file (the existing option), but just now and then, for whatever reason, copy selected values Im seeing to the clipboard. Even if I'm logging generally to a file, I might want to snip a specific set of values at a specific time, from the live sensor display - to paste to a friend in a chat for example.

There is already an option to use shift/ctrl click to multi select values. There is already a context menu when you right click on multiple selected values. What I'd like to ask for is simply, a "copy to clipboard" option on that context menu. And perhaps a setting or submenu to allow format selection (JSON CSV or raw tab separated text).

Its small buyt would help so much. Is that possible?