Feature request: Information on USB hubs (esp. Vendor ID)

Timur Born

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Hello everyone!

I would like HWinfo to provide information on USB hubs, especially resolving the vendor ID that tells me the manufacturer of the chipset. HWinfo, Aida and Device-Manager show more (Aida/DM) or less (HWinfo) information, but only the somewhat outdated software ASTRA32 resolves the Vendor ID conveniently.


There is a list of vendor IDs maintained here: http://www.linux-usb.org/usb.ids

Thanks and regards!


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I suppose you mean the USB Device information, not hub which is a sort of transparent device on the bus.
If you look at the Hardware ID or DeviceInstanceId reported by HWiNFO, you can see the VendorID there (USB\VID_xxxx).
No, I mean hub. :p As you can see in the image posted ASTRA32 lists a lot of information on the hub (like "class: hub"), including a fully resolved vendor ID in readable text ("Texas Instruments").

Aida lists these as "Generic SuperSpeed USB Hub", just as does Device-Manager. Here is a listing from Aida:

Device Properties
Device Description Generic SuperSpeed USB Hub
Device ID 0451-8041
Device Class 09 / 00 (Hub)
Device Protocol 03
Revision 0100h
Supported USB Version 3.00
Current Speed Super (USB 3.0)

Unfortunately the device ID (including vendor ID) is not resolved to proper vendor names by Aida.

HWinfo on the other hand lists no information at all when a hub is selected.
Here is the hub information as provided by SIV:



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I see now... Will update this in the next HWiNFO build so that hub details will be shown.
Great, thank you. Could you please resolve the vendor IDs, too? This would make it so much easier to identify hub vendors quickly (my main use).
Seems to be working great. Thanks again!

Is there any button/function to reload/reanalyze USB ports (similar to what SIV offers)? So that you don't have to restart HWinfo when USB connections change.
Please consider implementing a Refresh button/functionality that refreshes the currently active sub-tree/page. This is especially useful for hot-pluggable hardware like USB devices.

I would also like being able to switch between HWinfo functions without having to enable the Welcome screen and restart. I am mostly running HWinfo with sensors only, but sometimes I need hardware information from the tree view. ;)