[Feature suggestion] Share the HwInfo runtime as ID in Memory support


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I'm quite surprised you don't share your runtime in Memory support, or maybe its actually the case, but I didn't found the information ? Because Hwinfo starts with Windows in my machines, it would be easier to me to be able to recover easily the id entry of the runtime (including remote agents) if it could be read on the current tools like Rainmeter addon I'm using with remote agents, as another classic sensor. The reason is I would read the runtime of all my remote agents and read it in the monitoring addon with ID (its also more convenient to me to read everything from HWinfo). I can trust it like the uptime of my machine, considering the software is reliable enough to do not crash alone (never or rarely happened until now for a very long time, except for freeze due to local connection with remote agent).

Or, maybe its actually possible, or somebody found a way to export it ?


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