[Fixed] Non-Pers Kernel Driver Failure on Boot after shutdown.


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Came across this bug just now when trying to narrow down an annoyance after a fresh reinstall of windows (was experiencing it prior as well).

OS: Windows Server 2003 Enterprise R2
HWInfo: v4.10 32-bit

Related to: HWiNFO32/64 Kernel Driver

On system boot the following error will occur:

This is due to the non-persistent driver not being unregistered during a system shutdown or application failure and the support files for the driver no longer existing on system startup. There is further no entry logged in the event viewer about the problem. Changing the startup Type of the Kernel Driver to 'Demand' rather than 'System' resolves this error until the next load of HWiNFO.

A more persistant form of workaround that works for proper shutdowns would be to add the following command to a shutdown script:
sc config hwinfo32 start= demand
Does this problem happen only in case you do not close HWiNFO (with non-persistent driver enabled) and do a system shutdown or a system crash occurs?
Please check the new version v4.11 Build 1825 released and let me know if it's OK now.