Flushing log file to disk?


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Hi, I am trying to monitor voltages over time to a log. I go into "custom" on the sensors and disable from logging all of the parameters I don't want. Then at the main sensor screen I press the icon of a spreadsheet with a green Plus sign, asks me for where the CSV log should go, I enter a file name. Now i get a filename with 0 bytes... seems like it never flushes the data to disk until I click on the stop icon. Is there a way to change this behavior ? I'm debugging a reboot problem and was hoping to have the values written to disk at least once every few seconds.

Please let me know what I am missing. I'm using the portable version if that matters.

Thank you!
Currently the sensor log file is not directly written to the disk. Data is being buffered as any other file in the system and written later. So if you're diagnosing a system crash, the log file after reboot won't contain the latest data.
I will consider adding an option of writing the file directly to disk. The only disadvantage of this mode is that it's quite slow especially when lager amount of data is written and can affect performance.