Forcing HWiNFO to run on set core.


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As in title, is it possible to run HWiNFO on selected core? I can almost do so using CPU affinity BUT excluding HWiNFO from a core makes it unable to access it's properties. As such, could it be possible for this being a selectable option from within configuration?
Or is it not possible due to Windows automatically assigning it to some core and the program having nothing to say about that?
Why would you need to do that?
HWiNFO has dedicated threads assigned to each core in order to poll its parameters. Changing the affinity will mess up the ability to properly access particular cores/threads.
I wanted to move as much CPU load as possible out of CCD0 to CCD1 because the first chiplet OCs to 4.55Ghz and the second one to 4.3Ghz only. Call it "optimization as far as possible". Since the pooling threads are running on all cores then maybe the UI/display/computation thread(s) could run on CCD1 instead of CCD0. It would be great if possible but if it is too much work then don't bother.

And yes, I know that masking HWiNFO from cores messes up it's reading capabilities - that is what I stated in my OP second sentence :)
The load HWiNFO is putting on each core is absolutely minimal. I have optimized the polling several times, especially in the latest Beta builds.
Hence I believe the impact by HWiNFO polling should be almost zero.
Maybe I didn't state it clearly enough, I don't care about pooling overhead (unavoidable and low anyway) but the main thread that gathers all readings and does all other stuff.
Also I'm not complaining about efficiency of this software - it is great :)
Look at the included ss - HWiNFO is the second most CPU intensive app on my system, ignoring THPanel that shifts RGB lighting but runs happily on CCD1. Unfortunately Windows always runs HWiNFO on core 0, exactly where I don't want it to be, hence my question.
Yes, I know that 0.26% of overall CPU load for HWiNFO is not much, but it translates to 0.26*24=6.24% (24 because 12 core CPU) on the one core that is important to me :) since HWiNFO main thread is always running there.


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Ah yes, I see now. HWiNFO doesn't define any preference for the main application thread and it's probably not possible to selectively change the "right" one using external tools...
I will check this and think about it, but can't make any promise as I currently have a huge backlog of other tasks.