FPS only on game startup AMD RX6700XT


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Hey there,

I am using an AMD RX6700XT since earlier on this year. At the beginning everything was working fine - for a couple of months now, gpu framerate is only showing for 2-3 seconds on game startup and then constantly 0.0 FPS. Is anyone experiencing similar issues?

I tried loads of different settings - nothing changed :( hope someone can help me, I liked the fps monitor (especially in rainmeter plugin)...

Hi, thx for the hint. I did some research and installed MSI Afterburner with the RivaTuner Statistics Server - but unfortunately the same behavior occurs. If I start the game or tab out of it and in it again, FPS are
showing correctly for like 2 seconds. After that it's still a constant zero FPS.

The picture is from Rainmeter, but it's the same values in RTSS and HWinFO.
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I'm sorry, I don't know why this is so. Perhaps caused by GPU driver update...
Ok, thank you anyway. I also think AMD driver Management + maybe Win11 are to blame... we'll see, maybe someday it will mysteriously turn back on again, as it went.
I've been having the exact same problem with a 6900xt for the last couple of months. Keep hoping each driver update fixes it but no luck so far.
Listen here! I upgrade my drivers to adrenaline 23.2.1 and FPS are back! They are shown at least in Dota2 and Hunt:Showdown as if there hadn't ever been a problem before.

BTW, I also experienced a minor performance boost in Hunt while playing yesterday and can only hope that AMD is now continuing to fix some serious driver problems. Performance used to be so bad sometimes, I already thought about selling the card and getting a Geforce instantly (which I will definitely do next time anyway).

To all: hope your FPS-issue is resolved with the driver update as well :)